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Safe-Carry Container for Hazardous Goods

May 12, 2015 by Pure Science Ltd

We are pleased to introduce our new Safe-Carry container. This innovative product is designed to increase the safety of moving hazardous products around your lab, building or industrial site.

A glass or plastic bottle is secured inside a strong HDPE plastic barrel, to which has been added EPS foam for cushioning and rigid PVC tubing for strength. With its secure screw-down cap, the Safe-Carry gives even a glass bottle a good chance of surviving modest impact – say, when falling from a bench or trolley. And in the unlikely event that the inner bottle shatters, the contents are retained within the Safe-Carry.

The result: much improved operator safety!

Our first product in the Safe-Carry range is designed to accommodate all common 2.5L glass or plastic Winchesters.

Call or email us if you would like to receive a full data sheet on the product and its uses!