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Pure Science is a company that services both the laboratory and industrial sectors, so our product range is necessarily quite broad. Below we have summarized the main areas of our involvement.

At Pure Science we work hard to be a useful "link" for our customers: we won't try to sell you something if we don't have good pricing and service back-up on that line. In many cases we will be able to point you in the right direction if we can't ourselves offer advantageously. Our longstanding customers find this attitude a useful distinguishing feature of our service.

Products and Services

  • Chemicals: laboratory, semi-bulk and bulk packs of all grades from technical to superpure. Large range of pharmaceutical grades. 
  • Glass, plastic, rubber and fluoropolymers: disposable and reusable products. 
  • NMR consumables 
  • Filtration, chromatography, SPE: disposables and equipment. 
  • Laboratory equipment: stirring/heating/mixing, ovens, incubators, balances, etc. 
  • Ion exchange resins and membranes 
  • Microscopy: full range for light and EM. 
  • pH, temperature and conductivity measurement. 
  • Products for science education, including models. 
  • International brokering of chemical and technical products. 
  • Glassblowing services 

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