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Miscellaneous items

Too many to list!

In the course of a year we sell a bewildering number of "miscellaneous" laboratory and industrial items.


We act as general "procuring agents" for many companies and institutions, large and small. We have excellent relationships with a wide range of manufacturers and wholesalers in Europe, North America and Asia. We have enough knowledge to be useful to you, but enough sense to know when to refer you to someone else. If you are our customer for some of your routine supplies, we will go to no end of trouble to help you with those hard-to-find items that no one else wants to bother with.

Chemicals and Biochemicals
HPLC, LC-MS and other high grade solvents
Microscope slides
Agarose for electrophoresis
MV Laboratories for high purity inorganics
Dangerous goods cabinets
Glass blowing services
Apiezon greases
Immersion oils
Laboratory hardware
Miscellaneous items
pH, temperature, conductivity
Samco Laboratory Equipment
Stains, dyes and indicators
Stirring/heating/shaking/etc: equipment and accessories
Science education products from Pure Science
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