Pure Science On-Line Ordering

Welcome to the price list/on-line ordering section of our website.

You do not need to be enrolled for on-line ordering to view our list prices: use the search box above, or click on any of the three categories above (Chemicals, General, Education Specific).

On-line ordering is available to Pure Science’s wholesale charge account customers who have been through our web ordering enrolment procedures.

Current wholesale charge account customers:

Please contact our Wellington office about getting started with on-line ordering. There is no facility to enrol on line.

New customers:

If you are not already doing business with us, the first step is for us to open an account for you. Once that is accomplished we can talk about your preferred ordering methods, including the use of on-line ordering.

All prices shown on our website are in New Zealand Dollars, are exclusive of GST, and are applicable only to customers holding wholesale charge accounts. When we agree to sell to buyers who do not have a wholesale charge account, higher prices apply.