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12.09.14 End of Year: 

It's pretty scary, but the end of the school year is looming again!

We will be running a number of sea freight shipments between now and the beginning of February 2015, but as usual our advice is to order sooner rather than later.


28.04.14 Timstar catalogues:

We now have available a limited quantity of Timstar's excellent new catalogue. Drop us a line if you would like one!

Alternatively you may like to check out Timstar's on-line "turning pages" catalogue. This is a neat and easy way to access the latest product information:






22.01.14 freight charges:

Over the last six or twelve months we have been struggling to get good reliable service - particularly for hazardous products - from some couriers/carriers operating in the market here.

We have consequently decided to use only a smaller group of service providers, ones that we feel will provide a more dependable and robust service for our customers.

The effect on our freight charges to you will be along these lines:


- Charges for delivery of some quantities and classes of hazard will need to attract $25.00 as a minimum charge.

- Some quantities and classes of hazard (particularly classes 3 and 9 in small packs) will continue to be charged at lower rates for some destinations, as low as about $10.00 in some cases.


We regret the need to institute these changes at a time when everyone is conscious of reducing expenditure as much as possible. We do however hope that by working closely with you - for example discussing your order patterns with you - we will be able to arrange the overall effect to be small. In some cases we even expect that with intelligent use of our new regimes your total annual freight bill from us will be lower.

Please feel free to call us any time to discuss your particular situation.  




03.12.13 Ductless fume hoods:

We have a new range of high quality European-made ductless fume hoods. These units are perfect if you want the flexibilty of a moveable unit at a sensible price. Call us for details.

We have two units arriving soon at the special introductory price of $4900.00, which is a $1000.00 reduction on the list price.




12.10.13 Constanz:

It was good to catch up with many technicians at CONSTANZ in Rotorua. 

We are now in the process of preparing our shipments for delivery in February 2014. As usual we encourage everyone to place orders as early as possible. If you can't see the item you want on our website, please just drop us an email and we'll quote promptly. There are very few items we can't offer!

New to our range are high quality appliances like incubators. As usual, our emphasis is on top quality with a reasonable price. Our 50L digital incubator, for example, is priced at $1860.00. We have other models starting from just $1498.00 - give us a call, these are all high quality products!









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